"My experiences working with the folks at Larsen Envelope have been top notch. I feel we have a strong partnership and understanding of what is needed to successfully coordinate our many envelope orders to be able to meet our client deliverables. Larsen Envelope has been quick to respond to our internal process changes that require changes on their end. Some things we value from our preferred envelope supplier are:
  • The customer service. It's superb, from ordering to shipping to invoicing. All Larsen Envelope personnel are very professional, knowledgeable, reliable and easy to work with;
  • Utilizing negotiated discounted volume pricing;
  • Quick turn-around on orders, even our many rush jobs;
  • The final product. Always delivering high quality products, especially our custom items.
You are our envelope printing solution experts."

"I had a job with a very short turnaround time needed. Larsen Envelope took care of the entire job in 24hrs just as promised. I would like to thank Larsen Envelope and there employees for a great looking job with a fast turnaround."

Elk Grove Village, IL

"What a great company and employees to work with!! Did a great job and on time!"

Wheaton, IL

" There is only one envelope printer that has great quality and delivers when promised, that’s Larsen Envelope!!"

Lincolnshire, IL

"Just wanted to say thank you to the crew at Larsen Envelope. Great looking job and delivered in 48hrs!! WOW!"


" I had a problem with a file for a job and the prepress department at Larsen Envelope came through big time. Everybody seemed so nice and helpful, what a change not having to fight with my vendor. They fixed the problem and were on press the next day!"

Alsip, IL

"Mr. Larsen should be very proud of all his employees. What a great crew you have there."

"I’ve been in the printing game for more years then I would like to admit and can tell you with all honesty, Larsen Envelope is the best in the industry. When they make you a promise, they actually keep it"

"I had a job that we needed 1 million envelopes printed and delivered in 2 days. Larsen Envelope delivered in 1 ½ days complete. Sounds unbelievable but it true!"